How to Choose the Best Layout

Choosing the Layout Choosing the Layout

There are only a few things to consider when laying out tiles; the direction to run them, and whether they will be stacked or offset.

Direction is normally decided by the size of the room, and where the doors and windows are situated. Tiles of square proportions are the same either way if they are set in a stacked pattern, but rectangular ones must run one direction. The best direction is normally the longest direction of the biggest room, or in some cases, the longest hallway. If that doesn't decide it, two other things to look at are windows and doors: the tile looks best if running lengthways towards them. Another option is on a diagonal, and that can normally be run either way.

Stacked, or grid, is when all the spaces between tiles line up evenly in both directions. Offset is when they line up in one direction (the long way on rectangular tiles) but don't in the other direction. Offset are split into 3 basic categories; brick pattern, which is a 50/50 split, one third stack, which is a 66/33 split, and random, which is, as the name implies, random. Random ones work best with tiles at least 3 times as long as they are wide, such as 4inch by 16inch backsplash tiles, or plank tile. Smaller areas often look best with stacked tiles, as less lines make it look less busy. Larger areas can use stacked or offset patterns, and is more a style preference. Most tiles now specify not to have greater then 1/2 offset to minimize lippage, as the larger the tile, the more inherent warpage from the manufacturing process.

There are also many other patterns that can be done, such as herringbone, when tile length is an exact multiple of it's width, as well as spiral and pinwheel patterns that require tiles of differing sizes. The more complex the pattern, the more demanding the installation. Complex patterns should only be attempted by a professional, and generally look best in larger rooms.

We hope you found the information here useful. We understand this your flooring is a large and important purchase, and understand the need to get it just perfect. If you have any questions please contact Good Morning Flooring at your convenience.

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